What is a Forklift?

A forklift is essentially an industrial vehicle which is used to lift and transport materials.

From the time the first forklifts appeared on the scene in the 1920s, forklifts have gone on to acquire an indispensable status across industries and various other commercial establishments around the world.

Today, you will find application of forklifts across a diverse range of scenarios, prominent among which happens to be in warehouses as well as departmental stores, for the movement of goods within the same facility. Depending on the size of the forklifts in question, you may in turn have these same vehicles being able to operate on a much larger scale as well.

Further, depending on the usage of these forklifts, various modifications may be made to their overall structure. Likewise, the provision for fixing numerous kinds of attachments does exist wherein there are all kinds of peripheral items attached to these forklifts which make logistical movements that much easier.

Manufacturers of forklifts across the world have increased manifold in recent times. Some prominent names which come to the fore at regular intervals include Crown Equipment Corporation and NACCO Industries from the US; Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift and Toyota Industries from Japan; as well as Jungheinrich AG and the KION Group from Germany.

Given the importance of forklifts as a whole across commercial establishments around the world, efforts have been made to standardize various procedures as well as to put in place, a certain training mechanism wherein all operators of forklifts have a certain degree of competence attached to them.

Crystal ball gazing, the future of the forklift industry seems immensely bright, particularly as we see emerging economies such as China, India, Russia, Brazil and so on come to the fore in a big way; the thrust of demand for these industrial vehicles is quite likely to come from these countries in the times to come.